Guy jumps over speeding Lamborghini (130kmh) + Slow motion

10. Srp 2014.
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Y'all seen Kobe Bryant do it over the Aston Martin, but that was fake - this is the real deal, no bullshit. Al the jumper from Sweden jumps over a speeding Lamborghini outside of Stockholm. Follow Al The Jumper on Facebook:
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  • Niemals Beine trainieren bro

    Agaubruder59Agaubruder59Prije 4 mjeseci
  • bRO a norwegian did this at an R8 at 150

    Fredrik DøvingFredrik DøvingPrije 4 mjeseci
    • it was fake, google it, I called them out on Norwegian radio and they admitted to it after

      CriticalCriticalPrije 4 mjeseci
  • Nice timing bro Respect++

    Ahmad MateenAhmad MateenPrije 5 mjeseci
  • Some random drunk/angry driver: I'mma boutta run this did over This dude: I think NOT *clears the lambo*

    GunFreakGamingGunFreakGamingPrije 5 mjeseci
  • if this dude skated he would be the goat.

    XenophonXenophonPrije 7 mjeseci
  • I jumped a Mercedes Sprinter going 25 mph.. just sayin

    Linda ErikssonLinda ErikssonPrije 8 mjeseci
  • Awesome

    Izzy BellaIzzy BellaPrije 11 mjeseci
  • That vehicle does not achieve 0-80mph in 2.5 seconds - the approximate time it took the driver to back off the accelerator. The vehicle was travelling around 50mph (at most) if you calculate the acceleration of a Lamborghini Gallardo in 2.5 seconds, including not using optimal gear change or surface traction conditions, which will make the claimed accelerative velocity by the manufacturer faster than in the video. At an educated guess, the vehicle appears to be travelling between 30-44mph, which is around half the claimed speed.

    Adrenaline JunkieAdrenaline JunkiePrije 11 mjeseci
    • It was the drivers claim and i find it reasonable since its over 4 seconds if you watch the clip again, and its a Gallardo Superleggera, that does 0-80mph in just over 4 seconds. Its not the standard Gallardo, there is a 1 second difference between those cars in 0-80mph.

      CriticalCriticalPrije 11 mjeseci
  • The driver would also require quite the bollocks

    Melodic metal ❤️Melodic metal ❤️Prije godine
  • at least it was a superleggera cause gallardos usually cheap and shan't be considered lambos in my opinion 🤔

    bruhbruhPrije godine
    • What do you drive? 🤔

      CriticalCriticalPrije godine
  • EYYYYYY I FUCKING KNOW THIS GUY. He used to go to the same gym as me!!!

    Örjan PeterssonÖrjan PeterssonPrije godine
  • he gets hit by a speeding lamborghini @ 130 km/h and sues kobe bryant

    Itr 1244Itr 1244Prije godine
  • That looked fun

    This Account Is No Longer Active 7 years agoThis Account Is No Longer Active 7 years agoPrije godine
  • Vem här e svensk

    Hss GhettoHss GhettoPrije godine
  • Nice

  • why is that in my recommendations? 5 years to late HRworld

    FiinixDFiinixDPrije godine
    • beacuse this chanel just started to trend again, after his 3-4 latest video uploads

      gustav rohdegustav rohdePrije godine
  • vem här är från svergie också ?

    7_Niko7_NikoPrije godine
  • bro the first one is not 80 mph 😂

    610_darren_610_darren_Prije godine
    • First one? There is only one

      CriticalCriticalPrije godine
  • Its called thinning the herd lol dumb fuck will regret his dumb ass hobby one day. Hahahaha i cant wait.

    trickelantratrickelantraPrije godine
  • He is speaking swedish

    Liam StewartLiam StewartPrije godine
  • Great and thanks for so much motivation to conceive anything in life.

    Swami Dayanand Naturopathy HospitalSwami Dayanand Naturopathy HospitalPrije godine
  • My man JAKAN ... Peace BROR

    Creepy Gnomes ॐCreepy Gnomes ॐPrije godine
  • Who's here after Bryson vid

    Jared YapJared YapPrije 2 godina
  • Very cool. One mistake and it’s ICU 4 U

    Him BikeHim BikePrije 2 godina
  • He had them hyper dunks

    ChezburgerChezburgerPrije 2 godina
  • hah, that's nothing, I jumped over a hot wheels car going 3 meters an hour. I bet he cant beat that.

    Gaming And AnimationsGaming And AnimationsPrije 2 godina
  • Wasn’t this guy in the James Bond film Casino Royal? He’s a world champion at Parkour

    The Vintage ArchiveThe Vintage ArchivePrije 2 godina
  • He’s a very brave man. I was scared shitless just doing this in a dream I just woke up from.

    Pastlife Mashups OfficialPastlife Mashups OfficialPrije 2 godina
  • That I would do

    Patrick ParksPatrick ParksPrije 2 godina
  • Det ser väldigt fake ut...

    SweezySweezyPrije 3 godina
    • Critical nej hans muskler är uppblåsbara

      SweezySweezyPrije 3 godina
    • +SweezY gymmar han inte på riktigt haha

      CriticalCriticalPrije 3 godina
    • Critical när han gymmar

      SweezySweezyPrije 3 godina
    • +SweezY vad är det som ser fake ut? 🤔

      CriticalCriticalPrije 3 godina
  • Had to make the driver white to just perfectly go without getting nervous

    MylfsMylfsPrije 3 godina

    Team Double FluffyTeam Double FluffyPrije 3 godina
  • EASY for him!!!!!!

    SuareyL2SuareyL2Prije 3 godina
  • that's freaking cool falalala

    Jay ClarkJay ClarkPrije 3 godina
  • He's from Sweden->Scandinavia, he's a viking! That's why! :-)

    Thomas GabrielsenThomas GabrielsenPrije 3 godina
  • 2:47 thank me later

    KSIKSIPrije 3 godina
  • Next try will get to killed...

    Jeston LumungkingJeston LumungkingPrije 3 godina
  • Al the Jumper you awesome man. Do checkout below video I tried taking jump over 3 bikes in India

    MK Super BikesMK Super BikesPrije 3 godina
  • Bruh så jävla kung

    August KruseAugust KrusePrije 3 godina
  • Only a fucking black dude could do this LMFAO

    Astro BoyAstro BoyPrije 3 godina
  • I want to see some jump over a truck (good luck) like if u agree

    Connor NorrrisConnor NorrrisPrije 3 godina
  • Lamborghini mercy...

    The MysteriousDJThe MysteriousDJPrije 3 godina
  • How does he jump so high with those massive balls?

    I Have VigorsI Have VigorsPrije 3 godina
  • proud of be Swedish

    minnieminniePrije 3 godina
  • 😙💪💪💪👌

    عشاق كورياعشاق كورياPrije 3 godina
  • hur kommer det sig att detta är inspelat utanför Rimbo av alla ställen :D

    Satanic mayhem 666Satanic mayhem 666Prije 4 godina
    • det spelades in ett brittiskt TV-program på rallybanan i rimbo som Al the jumper var med i samma dag.

      CriticalCriticalPrije 4 godina
  • Now interview the driver, whos goal in life is to kill two people with his Lamborghini one day...

    openupyourselfopenupyourselfPrije 4 godina
  • It would be just as scary to drive the car... Strait at a person lol

    SmoopSmoopPrije 4 godina
  • jumpman

    fifa 14 goals goalsfifa 14 goals goalsPrije 4 godina
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    Leeton SatchellLeeton SatchellPrije 4 godina
  • Who came here after blazes video

    Grandpa Vlogs 9.0Grandpa Vlogs 9.0Prije 4 godina
  • That would hurt if you messed up.

    Alternate UniverseAlternate UniversePrije 4 godina
  • what's his name?

    Vanessa BacaVanessa BacaPrije 4 godina
    • Vanessa Baca alhassan but he is in jail now i know him he is my neighbour

      Youngstar ProductionsYoungstar ProductionsPrije 4 godina
  • This video deserves way more views

    CainCainPrije 4 godina
  • jävlar

    CVDΞ ΒLΛCΚCVDΞ ΒLΛCΚPrije 4 godina
  • Bruh he cleared that so easy

    Tanner BraungardtTanner BraungardtPrije 4 godina
    • Shit hey tanner

      Rob BobRob BobPrije 9 mjeseci
    • Tanner Braungardt

      Slirre BoyyySlirre BoyyyPrije 3 godina
    • k

      KasperKasperPrije 4 godina
  • han hoppade över den i rimbo :) as nära där jag bor

    OrrekorreOrrekorrePrije 4 godina
  • Kriss Kross can jump over moving lamborghini's anyday of the week. He ain't the only black dude that can jump.

    Sam HarrisSam HarrisPrije 4 godina
    • A serious L

      JakeT&FJakeT&FPrije 4 godina
    • L

      TaylormadeTaylormadePrije 4 godina
  • That shit is literally like Goku training in higher gravity.

    Chirpsuke チルプケChirpsuke チルプケPrije 4 godina
    • Yea! Hahahaha

      Lud 166Lud 166Prije 4 godina
  • djbroiler

    Robin HenriksenRobin HenriksenPrije 4 godina
    • +Robin Henriksen ...did a fake video

      CriticalCriticalPrije 4 godina
  • " If I can do it in my head, I can do it in real life " - Dead Guy

    Jack WolfmanJack WolfmanPrije 4 godina
    • 😂😂😂

      J TJ TPrije godine
    • wait, he died?

      Jackson‘s hidden foreheadJackson‘s hidden foreheadPrije 4 godina
    • 😂😂😂

      Maftuna AzizovaMaftuna AzizovaPrije 4 godina
  • vertical jump he is good sprinter too and havve explosive power

    Sasa TrivicSasa TrivicPrije 5 godina

    Dre BomberryDre BomberryPrije 5 godina
  • Yey Han pratar svenska

    GoldenViperFTWGoldenViperFTWPrije 5 godina
  • I know that guy

    OMKOMKPrije 5 godina
  • that was not 130 km/h

    Samuelcarbon98Samuelcarbon98Prije 5 godina
    • Alexander Forsanker look at his Channel dumbass

      SweezySweezyPrije 3 godina
    • prove it. It looks slower than it actially is. You probaly dont know anything about acceleration or speeds or cars at all.

      Alexander ForsankerAlexander ForsankerPrije 4 godina
  • Lol detdär är sjukt

    NoctowlNoctowlPrije 5 godina
  • I used to be quite good at high jumping in school back in the 1970's, they called me 'Leap Frog' Lol because of the way I used to jump and funny enough, the way I used to jump would be exactly the right kind of style for this, remember that for someone of an average height, a car like a Lamborghini would hit them in the lower legs first if it crashed into them, so, the big secret to this jump is simply getting your legs out of the way anyhow you can as the the car goes under which is what you can see him doing in slow motion, most people when they jump over something will do this naturally anyway but for this kind of jump you have to really get those legs right out of the way so that you're in a mid air crouching position, looking like a frog for those seconds until the car has gone past, so the car has to be moving really fast and that is where the danger is, your timing has to be perfect, a few seconds too early or too late and you'll either be hit or you'll land on the car as it's going along, either way you'd be likely to be seriously injured, especially in the first instance, if you were lucky you might get away with falling on top of the car and it would just throw you off and you would just be mildly hurt, I wouldn't try it though, I'm too old for jumping now, I can barely walk nowadays Lol.

    John CashinJohn CashinPrije 5 godina
  • The real superman.

    MrBonesMrBonesPrije 5 godina
  • If u listen carefully i can hear the song MAPS BY MAROON 5 at 2:20

    Versace AymanVersace AymanPrije 5 godina
  • DJbroiler jumped over an audi r8 in 153,5km on youtube

    Oskar BrekkenOskar BrekkenPrije 5 godina
    • ok

      Oskar BrekkenOskar BrekkenPrije 5 godina
    • +Oskar Brekken no, it was fake, google it

      CriticalCriticalPrije 5 godina
  • He said I friggin love it 😅😅

    DetersDetersPrije 5 godina
  • It's much easier to do it to at faster speeds, its just to not getting hit.

    Bobby HoonBobby HoonPrije 5 godina
    • +Rob H well, I've seen him do it when the car stood STILL as well..

      CriticalCriticalPrije 5 godina
  • djbroiler did it with his Audi R8 here in norway in 150 :p car is also 10cm higher :b

    TB topguNTB topguNPrije 5 godina
  • Omg subscribe to me

    Paul SanPaul SanPrije 5 godina
  • I'm just saying there is nothing special about jumping over one of the lowest sitting cars in the world. Not to mention other celeb done this. It's a joke. Big thumbs down

    Dozjah DozDozjah DozPrije 5 godina
    • +Marcus Clark - Keyboard badass. You probably jumped over a 2015 Ford F150 while it was doing 90 mph, right? How did Earth look from Outer-space when you were drafted there?

      Joseph SummersJoseph SummersPrije 5 godina
    • +Jelly's Fan it's impressive but check out the car jump on my channel

      Aussie Aussie AussieAussie Aussie AussiePrije 5 godina
    • +Steve Claude' Kyoya Foxx yes it was

      CriticalCriticalPrije 5 godina
    • Are you fucking stupid? Or blind maybe?

      Tobias MattssonTobias MattssonPrije 5 godina
    • @Marcus Clark Do you mean Kobe? That was suuuper fake. Yeah, it´s a "low car", the most impressing thing is the timing, not the hight. Not many people have the balls to stand there when it´s heading right towards you. Just one tiny mistake in the timing or hight and you might loose your life.

      CriticalCriticalPrije 5 godina
  • Do it over a semi and I'll be impressed

    Dozjah DozDozjah DozPrije 5 godina
  • It dosent count the man is black

    GranatGranatPrije 5 godina
  • Not swedish he is black

    GranatGranatPrije 5 godina
    • Swedish is not a race. Its a nationality. So yeah he's Swedish.

      IccyTheOneIccyTheOnePrije 5 godina
    • +Josh Muise Are you a kaffer

      GranatGranatPrije 5 godina
    • +Josh Muise And the point is??

      GranatGranatPrije 5 godina
  • pfft!!!! hold my beer.

    UrugonUrugonPrije 5 godina
    • Dont worry ill grab it

      Lostresmagueyes BRIER CREEKLostresmagueyes BRIER CREEKPrije 5 godina
  • Man this guy would make a crazy skateboarder.

    Dillon HighamDillon HighamPrije 5 godina
    • how? just cuz you can jump high doesnt mean you can ollie high

      SENCESENCEPrije 4 godina
  • Holy shit

    Chhana StrykerChhana StrykerPrije 5 godina
  • D BurkeD BurkePrije 5 godina
  • survival instincts !

    Kongen i sin ghettoKongen i sin ghettoPrije 5 godina
  • Kids dont try this at home... This is amazing but sheer foolishness.....its something you do just a few times in your lifetime because luck might end up being too lazy to accompany you one day

    StealthmannStealthmannPrije 5 godina
  • Jet Li, Dulph Lundgren, Tony Jaa, Van Damme and Bruce Lee would all be proud...

    StealthmannStealthmannPrije 5 godina
  • Swedish man!

    leafleafPrije 5 godina
  • I heard him say nigga

    JaleelJaleelPrije 5 godina
    • +Spaceaxis1 So did I!

      Will SmithWill SmithPrije 5 godina
  • Damn that dude can react fast that car was going 90 miles per hour

    Alyssa MeadowsAlyssa MeadowsPrije 5 godina
    • Around 30-43 mph. In optimal conditions that car takes 3.8 seconds to reach 60mph, and yet the driver only accelerates for around 2.5 seconds, meaning it cannot be going anywhere near 90 mph.

      Adrenaline JunkieAdrenaline JunkiePrije 11 mjeseci
  • What language?

    B CuzB CuzPrije 6 godina
  • I was more impressed with the jumping squat with the weights

    Lockdown channel iwakura santaLockdown channel iwakura santaPrije 6 godina
  • It looked easy at a glance but if he fuckss up he could spoil that car

    Lockdown channel iwakura santaLockdown channel iwakura santaPrije 6 godina
  • A norwegian dude did this with a car thats 10 cm higher and 150km/H

    Err0r_Err0r_Prije 6 godina
    • @***** Kinda hard to fake all the angles we have and that reflection in the mirror.. it´s waaay different than the norwegians

      CriticalCriticalPrije 5 godina
    • no, that was fake, they even admitted to it here:

      CriticalCriticalPrije 6 godina
  • aka Darwin

    Christopher HoostieChristopher HoostiePrije 6 godina
  • Risk your life like this fucking stupid...

    Alexander anderssonAlexander anderssonPrije 6 godina
  • Aston Martins are a lot taller than Lambourghini's though. He's basically jumping over the lowest car in the world

    Chris PegramChris PegramPrije 6 godina
    • +Chris Pegram - I'll save you some time and name just five of likely 50 more road legal cars lower than this Lambo. This Lamborghini Gallardo extends to a massive 45.9 inches off the ground. Gumpert Apollo: 43.9 inches. Ford GT: 44.3 inches. Koenigsegg Agera: 44.1 inches. Ferrari LaFerrari: 43.9 inches. Caparo T1: 42.4 inches.

      Joseph SummersJoseph SummersPrije 5 godina
    • +Chris Pegram - There are lower cars you know.... I can name several.

      Joseph SummersJoseph SummersPrije 5 godina
  • oh look Roman Pearce Jump over the lambo.

    christian albeuschristian albeusPrije 6 godina
  • He's swedish

    emil florinemil florinPrije 6 godina
    • emil florin he is african

      LeThayleLeThaylePrije godine
  • What a beast!

    ASVPFlackoASVPFlackoPrije 6 godina
  • Tyga sent you?

    Its WeaselIts WeaselPrije 6 godina